Q: Do you carry Public Liability Insurance?
A: Yes Kids Rule carries £2 Million Pound Public Liability Insurance which covers accidents and injuries caused by equipment failure and improper installation. The customer is responsible for ensuring proper adult supervision of all equipment and the safety of the children using the equipment. We are not responsible for accidents and injuries other than those directly caused by faults in our equipment or improper installation (but only if set up by Kids Rule)

Q: Do you do both indoor & outdoor hires?
A: Most of our equipment (unless specifically stated against each product) can be used inside or outside. Please also note that during the months of October-March (inclusive) we do not permit outdoor hires due to seasonal weather conditions which can compromise the safety of users and also damage our well looked after equipment. 


Q: How many hours can I hire the equipment for?
A: The rates on our website are for up to 5 hours hire. If extra hours are required please speak to us and we will endeavour to do our best to accommodate you at a small and reasonable additional charge.  In circumstances where equipment is being delivered on a weekday before your party, these minimum hours do not apply.

Q: Is there a delivery fee?
A: We are based in London, NW3. Local deliveries are free and there may be a delivery fee payable to other postcodes. Please see our delivery fees tab here for further information. If your postcode is not listed on this page we may not deliver to your area but do make the odd exceptions. Please contact us for any clarification.

Q: Can I collect and return the equipment to you?
A: In the event that we do not cover your delivery area and/or we are too busy on the day of your event to deliver/collect from you, we do now offer a collection/return service for our equipment. Full instructions for set up will be given on collection. Please contact us for further details if this is of interest to you.

Q: How clean is your equipment?
A: Very clean as all equipment is cleaned with anti-bacterial spray thoroughly before every hire.

Q: Do I need to clear anything prior to your arrival?
A: Yes, please could you clear any footpaths/steps etc. in which we will need to pass to deliver the equipment. Also, you must ensure that areas for set up are totally clear of any dog or other animal mess

Q: My venue has stairs or a lift – is there any extra charge for this?
A: If the area to where any equipment is to be delivered is on a higher or lower than ground level and therefore we have to use stairs or a lift, or if there is a fairly long walkway to the area then there may be a small fee incurred. Please call to discuss as this could vary depending on the circumstances.

Q: Are there any deposits or cancellation fees payable?
A: There is often a small deposit required at the time of booking.  This will be refunded once the equipment has been returned and fully inspected and so long as there is no missing or damaged equipment and it is also not heavily soiled.  Cancellations other than weather related (for safety reasons) are payable in full if cancelled 7 days or less before the booking. There is also no cancellation fee if the party is cancelled due to bad weather and any payment will be fully refunded but this only applies during the months of June to September (inclusive).  Please see the hire agreement on our website which sets out our full terms and conditions as regards this and also the terms and conditions for the restricted months which vary because of the usual seasonal weather conditions at this time of year.

Q: When is payment due and which method payments do you accept?
A: Small non-refundable deposits will often be charged when booking your equipment, to be paid either by bank transfer or PayPal. The main payment is due as cash on delivery of the equipment. If a customer would prefer to pay in full by bank transfer then this will need to be made by no later than 2 days before the date of the booking.

Q: What time do you deliver and collect the equipment?
A: We would usually deliver approximately 1 hour before the time of your party but this may vary either due to the amount of equipment you have or, due to other deliveries, we may ask to deliver earlier but this will be agreed with the customer beforehand. The same applies for collection of the equipment. However, we do understand the strict regulations of some hired venues and will therefore do our upmost to deliver and collect at a time suitable to the customer.

Q: Is there a charge if the equipment is found dirty/soiled on return
A: We accept that equipment may not stay in the exact same condition as when delivered but if any equipment is excessively soiled then we will need to charge a minimum £20 cleaning fee.

Q: Do you do overnight hires?
A: Yes we can offer overnight hires depending on the individual circumstances.  We often deliver before the day of the party (and collect after the day of the party) so the customer may have the equipment for a few nights at no extra charge.

Q: Can you guarantee arrival times?
A: We ALWAYS endeavour to arrive promptly at the agreed time, however, on the VERY rare occasion due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot promise 100% that we will always arrive at the exact time requested.

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